The Ways Helps you WIN!

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Step 1: Bonafide Experts at your Fingertips

It does not matter if you are a long time seasonal fantasy football player, an active DFS player, a pro sports bettor, or just showing up for your first time here because you want to win your office league and dominate your family and friends. Our team of experts have made a career out of helping people just like you. THIS IS THEIR JOB! They work day and night to know the sports you are interested in better than anyone on the planet. 

They take that knowledge and publish comprehensive actionable content that you can actually use to improve your game!

You can see all of our team here. Take some time to read their bios and see for yourself. 

Here is a sample of how actionable our content is: 

Step 2: Expert Rankings and Projections

These are not your bland rankings and projections you find at all the Fantasy Football sites. These are OURS. We do not try to follow the herd! If everyone is just doing the same old thing how can you expect to gain an edge? Our rankings are bold, we are not afraid to be different from others, and we say it with our chest! If you want to know what everyone else is doing head to the big box fantasy sites, but if you want bold stands that can set you apart from your league members, FG is your spot! 

Below is a look at all of the rankings we offer: 

Our projections are run by algorithms that we have spent a lifetime developing and are constantly refining. Below is a look at the rankings we offer: 

Step 3: The Largest Suite of Custom Downloads Anywhere

We have spent 30 years making and improving our custom downloads. They are updated annually and ready to go for you! They can be tailored and customized by you the user to fit your needs. You can look around you will not find anything like this available anywhere else! 

Here is a full look at our custom Downloads: 

Step 4: Office Hours

Our staff holds daily office hours in our Discord chat, answering YOUR individual questions. Even when the team is not on hours, you can find them on discord answering questions. During the NFL season, every Thursday our staff is in Discord answering your questions an hour before Thursday Night football until kickoff and on Sunday the team is in there all morning up to kickoff answering questions! This is one on one service you simply cannot find anywhere else!  

Step 5: The Community

Our Community is the heart of our mission and the biggest part of our success. When you join you become part of the largest community of sports enthusiasts on the planet. Everyone is respectful of each other and communicate constantly sharing, breaking news, ideas, feedback, and working collectively to help each other win! This is not just a sports content website, what we have created here at Fantasy Guru is a family. 

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